Stop Punctuation Fixes!


Hey hopscotchers, I've noticed a lot of people who cant help but correct errors. Even people telling them learn how to spell, and there is some punctuation errors... There are 7 year olds on here. I do t think you expect them to spell correct, and It's annoying, rude, amd almost cyberbullying for them. We all have our mistakes, and you're not really helping. Do a friendly spell helper, not just tell them lazily, "Learn punctuation." Anyways QOTD TIME!!!
Do you get concerned of bad grammar?

  • Yes - All

  • Yes - I correct them

  • Yes - I dont correct them

  • I dont care

  • Sometimes



To finish your poll you need a [/poll] at the bottom:

 - option
 - option
 - option
 - etc.

After every piece of BBCode or HTML (I think sometimes CSS. Not sure though. :thinking:) you need something to "close" the code (usually something like [/text] or </text>) just like you need something to "open" the code (usually something like [text] or <text>).

Yeah, @Yellow_Mellow, I agree for the most part. Being disrespectful about grammatical errors isn't okay, and it violates the Community Guidelines. There's a possibility someone was just trying to help you by pointing out an error, and didn't mean to be rude, so make sure you read the post carefully before assuming! :smile:


I would vote yes - all, but if they're 11 they can't help it. (Unless they are smarter than me) Do I don't post about it. (I couldn't help forgetting to can't instead of cant when I was 11)


Woops xD how did i forget that


Really I don't care, as long as I get the message on what their saying. I only correct for the people who understand my humor which means it's a joke


Well then. Who's 7 on here?


I care about punctuation errors…