Stop no dont have a nice day



#Im making one of these
Im not making this monthly, but its october! Yay boring month is over! I want to see a lot of more great hopscotch projects!

Put your hopscotch projects, and ill put them in a poll and stuff! There might be two parts via editing. Post now!


  • Best Trail artest
  • Best Game maker
  • Best overall
  • Best animator
  • Best intro

An advertisement or something to you on hopscotch
A follow
A Shout-out from my bio
And a drawing of what ever you want

Im tired, I might edit this soon


So this is oscar awards and contest mixed kinda thing?


I dont know I want of want to delete it because


but now I relies I got 9 likes so nvm?


*kind of


Im really tired because I was forced to lay on a bed for 30 minutes .-.


Why??? o_0


I dont want to say....



Uh... K


October edition oh frick the best edition