Stop Misusing Snowball!


Please, if you are going to use Snowball, use it appropriately. Don't use it to be mean. I am begging you.
Snowball is meant to be a fun and harmless public account, not something that people can use to cyberbully.
If you are using Snowball, please delete all the mean posts that some Snowball posted.
Use Snowball appropriately.

—SnowyDream AKA StarryDream in a Snowball


I agree! Great post Snowy!


Hello myself!


Tank you @MR.GAM3R!


Yes, I totally agree with this...
It has been a pretty popular situation on here, too.


People starting to make public accounts…
These accounts are meant for fun


Fun? I don't quite see how public accounts can be fun


They are meant to be like the ex-Leaders' alts, I think


Yup it's very important