Stop mass tagging!


You guys are tagging to much look at my thing!!! Dont tell me to remove my name, there are some things that i would like to see


Take your name out of the Mass Tag List.


Take yourself off the mass tag list.


what @XiaoMiaoMi and @TheGreenBanana said


But there are some things that are important or i want to use


Excactly. You are only supposed to put ur name on the list if you want to be tagged :wink:


Well they can't be expected to know :s

You can take your name off


People tag you if they want their post to be seen. If you don't want to see what they are trying to draw attention to, take yourself the mass tag list. You can always look through newest to search for good topics.


What posts 2-8 are about.


I gotta be harsh here:
It's not THEIR fault dat they used OMTL in their topiks.
And making a topik to complain about mass tagging is…
Wai is it difficult fir you to just take your name of da OMLT?


I'm actually thinking about removing myself from the tag list, it's SUPER annoying sometimes and never helps me :|


Just take your name off the list :confused:


Just take your name out of the tag.

hey I'm in your notifications!


Why are you complaining to us

This IS THE RISK to the tag list.

If you don't want to be tagged take it off and don't just make these kinds of random topics


Well you should remove your name and then the tagging will might stop!


You make no since. Wasn't it you who put yourself on the mass tag list? If you don't like the topics/nonifications, then ignore them. It's that easy.


Just take your name of the list. No one is going to go through and be like "oh I should remove her name because she put herself in the tag list even though she doesn't want to be tagged"

Lol seriously


You can remove your name from the OMLT anytime you want. No need to make a topik about it.:slight_smile:


Going against someone isn't immature :slight_smile:

And I agree with everyone, it's not their problem :slight_smile:


Like others have said, just take your name off. :)

I have been in a similar predicament. I had my name on there, and most of the time have already read the topics because of the way I set my preferences. So, I just took my name off. c: