Stop lying people


People think my profile pic is me or anyone I know. I keep telling you stop beacause it's not me and now I expect no more comments about it!


Well... who is it? :stuck_out_tongue:


My brother has autism don't offend special Ed kids that's mean


yea it is mean @megaman3 so please don't make fun of them they are still human and one of my best friends has autism


I was taking to you


It's just a pictures of a kid with a weird snapchat filter or something! Idk if it's him or not, but I don't think so!


Well, if it is your face,

I think everyone on the fourm knows it anyways. So I think it could be pointless changing your picture, unless if you dont want to be spammed...


oh ok @bluedogmc-official


I'm pretty sure the kid in the pic doesn't have autism. He's using a pinch filter for a selfie.

Like KC said: Who is the guy in the pic?


It could just be from online. You can find stuff like that online. Or it could be another person, I guess. I think more likely online, but I could be wrong.

I really don't think he meant to make fun of kids with special needs.

And it's probably not even a kid with special needs. It's probably some filter.


Who said it was a special needs kid? I made the exact same face at a basketball game lol


Why do people care if @Megaman3 has special ed anyways?

That does not make him bad...


I wasn't making fun of special Ed kids...they are the same as us and they are human and one of my best friends are special Ed I am NOT making fun of them...I love them the same as everyone else @friendship2468 :slight_smile:


Yah, I have snapchat and that was one of the filters. Guys, I think we should stop criticizing his pic! Maybe it's really not him! But if it is, hopefully he will change it!


I agree @bluedogmc-official


yea @bluedogmc-official I was just wondering​:grinning:


@kiwicute2016 can this be closed... Who said it was a special needs kid tho


I agree with @MrHotdog64 and @bluedogmc-official


The title is a bit...offensive and wrong.

We think it's you, and it's not, so we're lying. You could just say it's not me politely.


@SimplySouthernGurl said that.

She ment no harm c: