Stop it with the bad projects


So @fifithefunnyflower, @OrangeScent1 and I have recently seen projects with people making babies and private areas. There's also a bunch of bad words and inappropriate Hopscotchers

  • let's stop these! I'm against them
  • keep them coming I love this stuff



Who said choice 2!!!!


I know, right? Maybe it was a glitch. Let's hope it was!


Who said the second option. It's so weird?!


Ugh I hate it when that happens @Kiwicute2015 nope. It's not a glitch people are inappropriate


You didn't change your forum name!
How come?
Can you not do that?


Can't do that, only on hopscotch. It means she started in 2015 I think


Why would anybody say the second one?
Ugh, you give people a choice 🙄


How did you make it a poll?


Well, I started in 2013. 2015 was my best year. I'll change it, somehow...


You spam me I spam you :smirk:


You can change your forum name


How do you do it? 2020


Wait, never mind, I thought you could


@OrangeScent1 why do you have the one? at the end.. my curiosity driving me mad theres no Orange Scent I think..


I guess I wanted my user different than the one on hopscotch :stuck_out_tongue:


Kewl lol Btw do u use a stylus to draw? your art is like uber fantastic!!!


Thanks! I use my finger


O_O no way! ok your like a art wizard person thingy (what im saying is your incredibly awesome at art :smile: )


Thanks! I never really liked using a stylus