Stop it in the drawing topic



No matter how much u wanna know, TOO BAD. It's very inappropriate and NOT hopscotch related. Stop. I'm sorry if this sounds harsh but STOP. You will regret it if u find out.


What is the "Thing"?


It's the inappropriate thing that everyone wants to know in the topic. @Fifithefunnyflower accidentally mentioned it without knowing.


Don't talk about the thing. Just ignore the thing forever.


You will never know! Sorry if this is harsh, the topic got closed, and I feel lots of stress.
Anyway, was a topic really needed, I mean, now every single forumer will want to know


@Kiwicute2016 @BuildASnowman can you delete the posts and open the topic?
Flagging was necessary because people found it disturbing, and if they ask you to stop, that means STOP. Some people ignored the request to stop and kept going, and people found it disturbing.


Nobody was listening to us then the topic got closed because of it so I had to make a topic.


Ok, but lets close this topic after everyone stops talking about da "thing" and the drawing topic gets opened again, alright? :wink:


@Kiwicute2016 @BuildASnowman @t1_hopscotch please close this


K that sounds good, it's just that NOBODY was listening to us


I don't know the thing! Tell me!!!! You guys know that I'm not who you are so you don't feel what I feel



No, we will never tell anyone. It's too disturbing and no one is supposed to know. If you read da comments, it says we won't tell anyone. So you won't really ever know. :wink: Sorry if this sounds harsh.


No stop. I made this topic to tell people to stop. So no. SRY if this is harsh. But STOP.


@Kiwicute2016, please close this topic.


Is it the Zika virus?


No. Please stop. I have been scarred, and it's better for people not to know. Trust me.