Stop hating on tht please


*not trying to start drama
I know that the forum is going through a hard time and the leaders were all demoted and stuff but don't blame it all on THT. The mods and leaders all got to have the job from at least five months to a year. So now they have to get used to being a Regular again. Fun. But I was just talking to Liza and realized how much we should respect THT or this whole thing. They've gone through a lot too. Gotta moderate a whole company, make sure to spend their money correctly. Their situation is a real life problem, our's is over the Internet. So let's have empathy and put ourselves in THT's shoes: how would you feel if you got a bunch of Internet hate? Imagine: the internet is your hiding spot, and you get hate. Huh


:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: Great speech!


I would shrug it off or close the company of I was THT.


ha no more like 7 months but okay


the real question is; how would I feel if I didn't get a bunch of hate


Point is, you guys have been abusing your privileges by making random leader accounts and all that. I think Liza wants you guys to get used to not having them for a little bit :slight_smile:


Great speach!! Plus, without THT, there would be no Hospcotch! We should be thanking them for all they have done for us!


dude we've still been doing our stuff and jobs and stuff


Lol destroyasnowman or seasoned apricots or any alt account is not abusing. Has anyone been hurt? Has there been any affect at all other than people having fun at no one's expense? No? Then it isn't abuse.


what about hoodie monster tho


also I bet a ton of your haven't really been hurt as much as I have been hurt. Everyone is in different freaking positions so stOp with your "they shouldn't be abusing their powers"

This can be such a sickening and depressing place


Kids can be very judgmental and plain idiotic sometimes, thats why we were staff :stuck_out_tongue: I wouldn't take it to heart. It's obvious retribution with no factual basis.


Hey wait

We can say all the things that we've been wanting to say

But we couldn't

This is almost better than mod


What have you been wanting to say :smirk::joy:


some things that we've noticed

@buildasnowman now is our time to shine


Literally one thing I have always wanted to say can be summed up in two words

Its something I experience when I see a lot of the flame wars and topics I need to close and people just being mean and idiotic

I think its perfect

"y tho"


I would say it in three words but the only one that wouldn't be censored is "you"


*single tear*

I don't know how you come up with such wisdom.

"y tho" —BAS 2016


did u see my secret message


its almost as great as a @pupper quote