Stop hating on LGBT people



Look guys some of you--
Please stop hating on us! Please stops saying LGBT is bad! You will most likely be suspended if you do! Please quit it!


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I agree mostly.

I might be bi or pan, so I would call myself LGBT. The thing is, it is against some religions, so it might be offensive to some people. They can hate all they want, just don't post it. Keep hate to yourself. :smile:


I agree! Even though I never hated anyone on the forum…. But this should stop.



I agree 100%. I may be LGBT+ too. :slight_smile:


I agre 10000000%


I'm sorry for you guys its rough but ignore them that's what I do I got called gay since third grade and I'm in seventh and I still do it hurts and it's not fun well you have my sympathy


*immediately likes *


Agreed! I Support you!


Thank you you're awesome all you are


You can also get suspended for forcing people to believe in something


I'm just saying... Can everyone please stop talking about sides? Some people haven't been mean to you. Just keep your beliefs to your self and no one will try to stop you.


I dont hate you! I hate hating! Some people have different feelings about stuff than others. But other people shouldnt go around telling people they hate them.


If you hate hating then why are you hating on hate? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (Just joking, I hate hating too)


Okay, one thing i hate is tuna.


Yay! I hate tuna as well!


Yaay! Finaly! Someone who hates tuna other than me and my mom!


starts doing a victory dance


Yeah so people should stop forcing me to believe in God!


I hate tuna!
I'm actually allergic tho