Stop Gossiping About Others


I didn't see any topic that came up so here it is.
People like @tankt2016 @undertaletacoz and I are being gossiped about. We don't like it. So, @StarryDream, @SimplySouthernGurl, and @UltimateCoder, I don't wanna point fingers, but please remember next time not to gossip. I've seen mean comments about me in that topic....
Tankt has been called cranky and mean before. Whoever did that, apologize please. I was looking through a topic once and saw someone talking about tankt like that.
UndertaleTacoz.... Has been called a person info sharer. @TheGamerNextDoor15 gossiped and her and I. Please apologize because nobody does that to UT.
I am not trying to start a flame war. I want apologies to all these innocent people.


Taco is walking to school with Jacob and Birl. They hear Starbucks, Sel, and Uc gossip about Jacob and Birl. The come up with excuses and Jacob and Birl are sad. Taco walks to class and someone pulls her down named Gamort and picks on her and yells for being bi saying she's telling put to strangers.
All three go home crying.


This's is gonna start a flame war
Just saying


I agree with you @OrangeScent1
just saying​:smirk:


Why don't you apologize for whatever she's asking about and we can before it begins?


I'm sry​:hugging: lol this is so funny how this has already turned into a flame war almost​:joy::joy:


@StarryDream @TheGamerNextDoor15 @UltimateCoder
Just calmly say sorry and it'll be over


what do you mean by dad​:joy::joy:


It was a typo! :sob::sob::sob::sob:
Stop please


ok I'm sry I'm sry I was just trying to play around​:two_hearts: @friendship2468 your a great person​:grinning:


ok @friendship2468 ok :joy::joy: just stop for today​:joy:


Everyone, just apologize, and say sorry in a nice way and then it's over :D

Also just something to keep in mine,
using emojis can make the post nicer, mean/ruder, or more sarcastic.
Please be careful because even if your saying something in a nice way, an emoji can change the whole entire meaning of your post :wink:
(This is for everyone :D)



I did @friendship2468 your the one that keeps going and going​:joy:


what were those blocked words​:flushed::flushed::flushed:


Really really really bad ones.

Mods can still see deleted posts.

Thank you for closing @Kiwicute2016 I think that was needed


oh my @Bubbles4Ever929


I rarely ever do that!
That's how mad I am


what were they @Bubbles4Ever929


I can't say them.


They were non of your business and the first one wasn't that bad


oh wow​:flushed:...they are that bad​:grin: @Bubbles4Ever929