Stop Gender Surveys!


Please stop doing gender surveys because it is very offensive! That is because all boys don't always love only stuff like Minecraft and all girls don't just like stuff like beauty and Barbie. For example, I am a boy and I love pink and dresses and I am even wearing a purple twirls dress right now! And for Halloween I was a liturgical praise dancer, who usually wear twirls colorful :dress:s and tons of people laughed at me and bullied me. Your gender is not if you're a boy or girl, it is what you feel like inside your head. You could feel like a boy if you're a girl or a girl even if you're a boy. <img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/1/e/1ebd1aaadfded3b6e289eed86ede909d3735e029.jpeg" width="275" height="220">src="/uploads/default/original/3X/2/4/2478ce25bbe72a9b3837e1d38856919dad93c127.jpeg" width="183" height="275">
2 examples.


I agree with you but you are not allowed to share a photo of yourself!


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I totally agree with you, gender surveys use stereotypes to guess who you are, but stereotypes aren't what defines you, but.. You should take down your-NVM, @DancingLollipop and @RubyStars beat me to it XD


Thanks for taking that down! Remeber your not allowed to put pictures of yourself for Internet safety reasons :wink:


Sorry my mom wanted me to add that. I deleted it when she wasn't watching.


One thing I think is that gender serveys were just without things like if you are a girl, you choose Shopkins. If you are a boy, you shoose Minecraft. In my opinion, gender surveys should be random to make them more fun. No one would then think it was mean. For example, Lets say there were options like Camping or Canoeing. The creater wouldn't judge the person, they choose randomly.


I know that, it can just feel really bad. :sob:


I agree that people should stop gender serves because I'm a girl and me and my friend took one and it called use both boys, I guess we pick the "boy answers". But I think if the maker of it wrote something on it like "just for fun not real" it would be fine.


Yeah! I'm a boy and I wear this amazing black jacket that was my mother's! I so agree!