Stop dming me YouTube club


Who wants to start a youtubers club where we say random phrases by youtubers and we have to guess which youtubers said the phrase
@sweetlina @bluedogmc-official I don't have Hopscotch, I deleted it
@Huggingfluffybear Please Stop Fighting In My Topic, I Don't Want "System" To Disable Posting For It.


Remember to keep all post related to Hospctch!



Cool! Try to keep it hopscotch related though! :D


This sound like a really cool idea :smile: Unfortunately, all topics must be Hopscotch or coding related. Since not many people have posted on here, you can just ask everyone to delete their posts, and you can make it a new topic =D (This is called recycling)
It's also okay if they're forum related :) It's fine if you don't have Hopscotch


Topics still need to be related friend!


Hey there welcome!

Even if you don't have HS, you still need to be HS related! :smiley:


Because it is the HS forum.


Er @clowns why are you asking this.


@clowns why did you ask @Huggingfluffybear that?

Also just because you don't have the app doesn't mean you can be off topic. Many people on the forums such as @TheRainbowChicken (I think) also doesn't have the Hopscotch app.


I can tell you my age but we can be friends without knowing that!


Aren't you nine
When's your birthday HFB we should throw a birthday party for you


But everyone a,ready knows you're nine HFB


@clowns didn't know xD


And I am pretty much not nine xD


Wait your nine

I though 11



Just because you do sixth grade math doesn't mean you're not nine dude




Your facts are incorrect lel


But I am 10 dude xD

Like just a couple weeks til I am 10


So? I'm actually in fifth grade


You're still nine stop lying Quinn