Stop Dating on Hopscotch



True that!
That's happening everywhere

and sadly,


quick little skit
Me: Doctor, There must be something you can do!
Doctor: Im afraid not-
Me: interupts- YOU JUST HAVE TA
Doctor: We could always just talk-
Me: Talkin' wont work!
Doctor: Im sorry but Hopscotch has turned into-
Me: Dont say it doc just dont!
Doctor: Social Media
Me: Why doc why!!!!
Doctor: Well-
Me: Doc look its hopscotch!!
Hopscotch: Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
Doctor I'm sorry for-
Me: Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
Doctor: Okay then.
The end.
I made this up as i went :stuck_out_tongue:


The ppl who you want to read this message are most likely not members of the forum or seen the forum so your message will likely have no effect.
You can remix a project with a message directly at the users typing the dating text.
This would be more effective


I have never seen any of these though they sound very innapropriate


Wait, this is actually a thing? If it is, then this is me:


ew, why would you date someone you dont know?


Good question. Answer: I HAVE NO IDEA


Welcome to the forum!
Anyway it doesn't make sense that people say stuff like this most of us are under the age of 15 so don't be dating. if your like 14 or 15 yeah but not on hopscotch!!


Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! :boar: ed


I agree. Little kids shouldn't see stuff like that on Hopscotch. 4 year olds play.


If you see dating on Hopscotch, help us by reporting it :slightly_smiling:

Just report it!

Can You Please Close This @Liza?


I think it's a good reminder, I don't think it needs to be closed


Wow, 33 likes! Thanks, guys! Can we get 50?


My freind isnt " dating " on hopscotch but she has a freind and we got into a fight about it so i broke off of our collab account. I dont thinnk the freind is being that great because she/ he copied our code and my freind is like " shes my friend i bet she just tampered around with code but the code is exactly the same


Probably not, there's not that many people active on the forums :\


Do you like HarryPotter?


Dating on hopscotch isn't the purpose!


Honestly, I think the dating on hopscotch is kinda funny. I mean, just if you step back and take a general look, it's kinda funny.
But, it's also clogging up the help section like RPs, and it's annoying and hard to help people who actually need help.


Ikr, I went to the help section one time to see if people needed help and all I saw was RPs, dating, and chat.



Yes I do love him, he's so cute but not as much as newt