Stop Dating on Hopscotch




I've been seeing a few dating websites on Hopscotch and some projects that say people like each other on Hopscotch and stuff. I've also seen people talking about other Hopscotchers being "cute" and stuff.
Here's are the hints to tell if someone is trying to date you, or trying to date.

1. They are talking to somebody else about you, or dating.

I've seen a project before of people gossiping about another Hopscotcher saying that it may be crazy they like you or something like that.

2. They make dating websites.

I've seen a dating website talking about boys and giving information on what girls do. That's inappropriate and unacceptable.

3. Don't date anyways.

Even if someone asks you out anywhere on the Internet, know this:

Never date them, you don't know them.
They could be an old man living in his mother's basement.
They could be a bad stranger.
They could be luring you into a trap.

Bottom line is, never date on Hopscotch or anywhere online, in apps or via Internet.



So true, its so weird to see ppl date on hopscotch,
I'm like dudes if you pplz wanna date go to facebook or instagram or better yet go outside and talk in real life anywhere just not kids games and websites plz


I totally agree. I one time saw an account that was trying to let people know about "couples in hopscotch" luckily it was reported


I saw one, I reported it straight away!


Oh yes I know! If you look at my account I have a project and I caught someone dating and trying to get social media :grimacing:


I agree 10000000% percent. Dating online is absolutely NOT SAFE. Whoever you are "dating" might try to meet up in real life, and we all know how that would go...


I see so many "dating" projects it's sad!


I see dating things almost all the time, just look up the word dating on hopscotch, its rlly weird


It's hard to believe that people would do this on Hopscotch. This also adds to a point I was trying to make about other hopscotchers catching and reporting "bad hopscotchers.


Yeah guys!


I clicked both, I suprised ppl are going to Hopscotch, A kids game, to date ppl,

This is really sad


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Look up the word dating on hopscotch, there are so many projects


Thank you for posting this, it's a good reminder!


Thank you, poptart0219.


Dating in HS leads to gossip which leads to rivalry which leads to fighting (and reported projects) which leads to a HS meltdown.


can't like here is a :heart:


And, it isn't good if you date on hopscotch, as it will spread like a wildfire


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Ok. Let's get this straight. pulls out 50 page PowerPoint Okay. First things first, WE ARE WAAAAY TO YOUNG TO BE "dating". If you want to date someone do that in real life. There are people who could possibly just be fooling you on the Internet! Secondly, this is unsafe. You never know who could be talking to you. A twelve year old boy, or some 30 year old. Extremely unsafe!