Stop bullyin g Bring back the love!



This is a serious thing! No funny business or off-topicness or I will flag you! This is to help those who have fallen victim of b u l l y i n g... Like me and my friend sahar and my little brother who is 6 years old!:anguished::cry::disappointed_relieved::sleepy:


We shouldn't give attention to the bullies because that's all they want. We should email THT and report the projects that mean, inappropriate, rude or not nice at all. Remember! Don't feed the troll!


There has been so so so many topics about bullying! Please consildate them!


Aslo welcome to the forum!


Welcome to the forum! Great topic, I have a few reminders for you though.
1. Please search before you post, using the blue :mag: on the top of the screen, there are many topics like this. :wink:
2. Please do not mention names or ages, they are personal info.
3. Remember:

If someone unintentionally upsets you that's


If someone intentionally hurts you, thats


If someone one intentionally hurts you, over and over again, with your asking them to stop, that's


4: Don't draw attention to the bully. Tell an adult, if it's in Hopscotch, report it. Don't feed the troll.

5: Don't overuse emojis, they could be marked as spam. :wink:


Can't like! :heart: Take it! :D


We're not really supposed to use that term(SBYP)


I know! I get bullied ALOT on my bus and the bullies invade my privacy by RECORDING ME ON THEIR PHONES AND POSTING IT ON THE INTERNET WHERE IT CAN NOT BE TAKEN DOWN:sob::sob::sob::sob::dizzy_face::astonished:🤐:sleepy::fearful::cry::scream::hushed::sweat::disappointed_relieved: 'Sob' I am actually almost in tears! People invade my privacy, make fun of me, they go "EEEEEEWWWWWWW GRRRRRROOOOOOOOSSSSSSSS" whenever I sneeze but I can't control when I sneeze because of my severe allergies to WHO KNOWS WHAT, and I get shoved and tripped in the hallways, and I get beat up, and Bryce Harvey slaps my neck and gets a handful of WET SAND down my shirt!:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: I am trying to do what I can for know so others do not have to expirienc what I have been experiencing! And my BUS DRIVER sees all the stuff the bullies do (making fun of me, flipping me off, recording me, exit.) and does not DO ANYTHING. I know you can't see but I am actually in TEARS RIGHT KNOW!


I'm sorry, and I know your hurt, so you should tell an adult. :wink: Other than that, this topic is not related to Hopscotch at all, and there is to much personal info being given out, don't ever share full names online. @staff, do you want to close?