Stop Bu**ying in Hopscotch( like Musicalpaintbrush) I did not mean she bul*y people, she was being bullied


I've been seeing people b word I can't type cuz they don't let me post. in HS and I can't stand that I wish to stop them but I could not do anything. Only you , yes you bullies can make a change.


Great topic. I think we should stop bullyin.g and it will work


It's going to be really hard to stop bullying, on an app like HS, with over a million users (I think)
When one bully stops/gets banned another bully Comes along.
But I'm sure we can try! :D

I've heard what's happning to MusicalPaintbrush, and I really hope it will stop ;--;


Great idea! @StarryDream has a club like this, would you like to join?


I agree with you, to bully people is never okay.


Thanks for bringing this up @Pachirisu, bull.ying is absolutely terrible and I think we should make an effort to stand up to it. There are so many people going unnoticed in their bull.ying issues and we should be there to help them.


@MusicalPaintbrush is your hopscotch account being hacked?


Yeah it was! It turns out it was an old friend of mine irl who was...lets just say they changed and hurt me emotionally and physically... they approached me about it, I once told them my Hopscotch passcode for some reason and they got in and changed it to irritate me (they've been doing a lot of things lately just to get on my nerves, but stay out of trouble as well) so anyway. I confronted her, and with a bit of trouble...I got my account back. But I just turned in my iPad to school on Monday, so I can't finish requests. But I will be posting a goodbye project using my phone! Long post but just an update!


Woahhhhhhhh waaaat