Stop being mean on topics


On the guess my gender games topic, this guy was advertising his project and complained that he wanted it to be on rising and he kept messing around and cracked and said that the conversation was soooooooooooo stupid. So guys, we need to remember that others have feelings, too and to stay on topic here. We also need to realize that if you hurt someone else's feelings, they may not pay you that view or advertisement you want.


+++++++++++1!!! Agree!


I totally agree, plus it's not nice to say a conversation is stupid, because it really wasn't.


It was very good! A capital topic!


me ranting about stuff

"Guess my gender" games are, not just offensive and stereotyping, but also exclusive, in more ways than one, one reason, is that it makes people who likes something that stereotypically the opposite gender likes feel self conscious or "not normal", and also it's exclusive to people who don't identify as boy or girl, maybe they're intersex (being biologically both male and female) or if they're gender is agender, non binary, or if they identify as both genders or more (I don't know what the term for this is), there's more, but that's what I had off the top of my head. It can make them also feel excluded and "not normal" or "unnatural", and it's just a horrible feeling to be excluded or that other people think you're unnatural


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@seawolfwerehorse I'm using the term gender as in "I am biologically a male, but I identify as a female" (which is an example btw)


If they identify of both genders or more (think of Bruce Jenner) it's transgender.


@friendship2468 no... Not transgender, both, like (one Google search later) bigender


He is a girl but she's a boy.


like... "I'm a girl and a boy" not "I was born a boy but I'm really a girl"


@AHappyCoder, in the Community Guidelines it says that the liking feature is to prevent posting +1 and agreed. If you agree just like the post.


I so agree I have not seen any bullyin_g yet so I will stay aware best thing to do is flag and if it's really bad email the hopscotch team just like projects!