Still taking requests! I'm bored anyone?πŸ˜πŸ˜β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ’•πŸ’•


Just fill out this

Color skin:
Color hair:
Color eyes:
color shirt:
Hair style (no ponytail):
Color backround:
Mouth style:
Color lips:


Just fill out this

Color skin: pale
Color hair: light brownish
Color eyes: dark blue
color shirt: white
Gender: girl
Hair style: pixie cut? But rlly messy
Color background: black
Mouth style: uh, no enormous lips please
Color lips: the color lips are lol
Glasses: sunglasses

wanna see how this turns out


Wait you have two topics.

Please only have one topic so we don't clog the forum okay!


Color skin: a mix between tan and pale
Color hair:dirty blond
Color eyes: greenish-blue
color shirt:green, with a triforce on it if possible
Gender: male
Hair style (no ponytails) I don't know, flat or something
Color background: green
Mouth style: I don't know, a mouth
Color lips: normal color
Glasses: square wire frames


Color skin: sand beige
Color hair: black
Color eyes: blue
Color shirt: pink
Gender: F
Hair style: long straight
Color background: purple
Mouth style: normal
Color lips: pink
Glasses: shades or sunglasses with pink frame



Wow :flushed:....It's great and beautiful


It's this one website called something blue...


Yeah thanks. I did mine.


She said pixie cut, which is the shortest hair cut they have. Not a bun.




Wow am I late getting back to people​:joy::joy:

That's so good!!


Does anyone want a profile pic? Credit to EmojiArts for idea

Hey, thanks! That looks AMAZING!


Also, that is my EXACT hairstyle


Your welcome I'm happy you like it


Want another one? I'm bored LOL


Okay, sure! This time, I guess I could have a blue background!


And what app or website are you using to make these? I'm curious


Fill out the form for the new picture I'll tell u