Stickmen testing help


I need some idea for the game I am making please test the game for me, go to search and search this : stickmen attack and move testing

By gohan0817


That's cool, it's all okay. Maybe you can improve the moving of the stickman. It's abit jerky for now.

But looking at the code, it looks like you put lots of effort into it. Well done!:+1:🏼




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I think you did very well, maybe you can make it so if you bump the other stickman, you maybe get hurt or something, also you could have a currency where coins randomly appear and you can collect them to add up your coins until you can get upgrades. You can also make it so the enemy stickman moves around a bit. Just some suggestions!


Thanks sound cool

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You could have a few enemy stickman moving around or they could be coming from one direction. The enemies could move around and try to hurt you. Also kinda like what @Hoppertoscotch said about money and stuff.