Stick news! + advertise games + small music contest + quotes+ Polls + Coding tip of the week



I am making so something like a news show. It is called Stick news.
What day should I upload?

  • Saturday
  • Sunday


The "show" has the features of the week, quote of the week, and more!
About the short music contest
The short music contest is made because I need a intro song (16 seconds), changing song (5 seconds), and finally an outro song! (20 seconds). The winner will get their username in the credits!
About advertising games
In the "show" there will be advertisements. The ads will be shown during the show. To submit an ad, you must 1. Make a SIMPLE advertisement 2. Put the link below.
About the coding tip of the week
Just write a coding tip below for a chance of it being on Stick News!


Yay friendly mass tag list!



Ok... no one? (Space space space)


Can I make something like this? (Not a stick guy, but a news show thing...)


Sure I guess :sweat_smile:. (Space)


Btw for twenty thingy up you can just do-- (reply and press the quote button to see)


What is the twenty thingy?


You know how you are required to put 20 characters?
You don't have to 202020, just do < hi (letters) without the space between hi and <


Do you like animals? Do you like mustaches? Well we have a mustache kitty right here! (Lol idk)


"We build too much walls and not enough bridges."
- Isaac Newton


Thanks @GysvANDRegulus and @Holly_Aarmau!


Anyone else have an ad! (No one wants to advertise games...)


Umm I can give one...
Do art pads count? I don't make games...


Sure! (Space space space)


Do you like to draw? Do you like stars and unicorns?
(Something, something, something) check out the Star Pad! (Link:


Last day for polls (seems like Saturday is winning)


The poll is over and Saturday wins!

What should be in the next episode? (With the other stuff)

  • random song of the week (hopscotch song)
  • code fact of the week
  • block of the week (will run out)
  • emoji of the week (also will run out)
  • random movie of the week (coded movie)
  • ALL OF THEM!!! (Don't do this to me!!!! :weary:)



Poll ends March 4th :wink: P.S. Please don't chose all of them :disappointed:


Poll ends tomorrow :slightly_smiling:


@Stick88 advertise Tony's!


Sure! I will add that in! (The shows are on Saturday :wink:)