"Stereotypes" - Something You Should Read


1- tall people
2- people with glasses
3- For hair I don't know, but for eyes: the color doesn't matter but sometimes there is this condition thingy (not very rare) where it seems like the eyes make the entire face look sad when they aren't say, so yea, theyre d.umb. Before you're like "ur so mean u hate people for something they can't change!!1!1!1!" First of all, I got bullied by someone with this condition. Second of all, People can change blonde hair but that doesn't change their personality, which caused the blondes are dum.b stereotype in the first place
4. kind people
5. political extremists + isi.s
6. talented


My school is really diverse. :smiley:
The normal stereotypes aren’t what come to mind when I think of it.


It’s nice to see someone else say something like this once and a while…it makes me proud sniffle

and also the fact that they made a topic about it but barely got anything saying that it’s not hopscotch related and that this is a kids forum. Well, there are plenty of ten year olds that know what’s happening and they don’t need happyland and the world where everyone’s straight anymore so I honestly don’t look too much into “it’s a kid forum” imapessimist. But then again, this person isn’t me…and they have tons of fans who were born to always agree with them no matter what… (I mean I agree with your stereotype thing but I’m talking about the people who don’t call you out because they like you, do you get me?)

Also I’ve been using big text then small text today for no reason…


I want to answer these questions again though

  1. Athletic people play basketball.

  2. Studious people are smarter.

  3. People with no eyes and hair that talks and tells them not to study are stupider (I went overboard here because I kind of wanted to be funny in a stupid kinda way :P)

  4. Lawn workers do lawn work for you. (Obviously. XD)

  5. Psychopaths are terrorists. (Either that or they’re just freaks.)

  6. Boys who do ballet and figure skating are definitely way more flexible and balanced than me. (I could not do either of those things in a million years.)


I altered a few things so it’d make sense


Do you actually believe that blonde hair and blue eyes thing? XD


Well, not exactly stupi.d but drama queens.

All the girls with blonde hair and blue eyes act like their superior and they are drama queens but that’s it

Except for one of my frens she’s super nice


That isn’t true though. I only know 1 drama queen with blonde hair and blue eyes.

I’m blond, and I’m the opposite of that stereotype. I get straight A’s and I can’t stand drama.




But I’m not saying that all blondies are dumb


It’s okay :P

But I don’t think most blond people are dumb, sure some are, but people of all looks can be rather stupid.


ye some of them can be rude

one was so sassy and obnoxious whoever manages to be friends with her seriously needs to think twice

tho one of my friends is blonde w blue eyes and is really nice I’m not really into the streotype


I’m gonna re answer these questions

1.) athletic people play basketball.
2.) hardworking people are smarter.
3.) People with unnatural blonde hair and unnatural blue eyes are stupi.der than others.
4.) college students who need the cash do lawn work for you.
5.) Chimpanzees are terroris.ts.
6.) Guys who do ballet and figure skating are unique.


Nice answers, but plenty of people dye their hair or wear colored contacts. That doesn’t make them stupider.




This bump inspired me


1.people who play basketball
2.people who are smart
3stupid hair and eyes
4 nice neighbors
5 terro.rists
6 cool


dude i have blond hair and blue eyes and i’m a and b honor roll wth u talkin bout


oh hecc better then i lol

and i said most not all. i have a blue eyed blonde haired fren and shes awesome.


number three… cough cough me cough

  1. Awesome
  2. People who apply themselves
  3. Some and 2
    4.Lawn care
  4. Some
  5. Making a statement