"Stereotypes" - Something You Should Read


Lol, nice answers, Cash. See you around 10 XD


But these are stereotypes at my school

They told me to answer honestly

Just chill buddy. Idk what you have against me


I encourage your honesty, but I would consider that racist.
We shouldn't say: "Oh, he's Muslim so he must be a terroist."
Some Muslim's are very kind and caring people.
We can't gereralize people into one group just because a small group of muslims are terrorists.


I have many friends who are Muslims. They are very kind!




I'm actually mostly Spanish and German .
I dont know how I got an Italian title.


Thing is that a hs friend of mine who said that i dont 'seem autistic' and assumed that i made harvey paraplegic so he can suffer is italian


So...do you have something with Italians? I don't gwt what you are saying here.


I dont know what i'm saying either.




I wasn't dishonest...


Yeah I know that

I've been to Muslim countries

I'm just saying that when I think of a ■■■■■■■■■, I think of muslims. I know that not all muslims are ■■■■■■■■■■. Do you think I'm ■■■■■■?


ISIS are terrorists


1.) athletic
2.) intelligent
3.) natural purple hair and red eyes
4.) lawn mowing
5.) sick-minded
6.) flexible


Well that's scary XD




is your school racist


No but kinda a general thing that most ppl hear


Sorry I was being rude then :grimacing:


Yeah lol, I'm not even sure how someone naturally has purple hair and red eyes XD