"Stereotypes" - Something You Should Read


sry but that's extremely offensive and racist and here in America discrimination shouldn't even be spoken because on the March on Washington, marchers could have quit. They could have stopped hurting and had no freedom. But they kept marching for freedom. People died for freedom. Discrimination, racism, and sexism will not be tolerated on this forum. Those who speak them will be escorted away with a punishment.


and of course what offends people gets muted like always

well done guys


:cookie::cookie::cookie:Okay, I don't get a word you just said but goodnight​:cookie::cookie::cookie:


Sorry but it was racist and sexist and kids shouldn't see it


Goodnight, Kira! I love cookies, too.


but I mean it was honest though
yea it is offensive but that guy had the guts to say what he thought k
idc if its flagged just yea


That person is a girl


everyones ella


Okay. I agree, with most parts of what you said but... literally, the first thing that came to mind for the following questions were... well, you'll see. I did think of what you would assume afterwards though.


I admire them in a way...
I mean it's not okay to assume but it's a little hard not to.
A lot of people who filled in those blanks were dishonest in my opinion. I didn't want you guys to post your answers actually.


Those were her answers though.
As stereotypical as they are, they're what she was guided to assume.


Kinda confused why they asked for an honest opinion then...


Exactly so they shouldn't be flagged


It wasn't tho

What was I supposed to do when it says fill it in honestly


I think you shouldn't have posted it (because of flags), but it's okay for you to think it.


TBH I don't cares about flags lol

Currency just hates me


I think I'm going to have a shot at the questions:

  1. A lot of people play basketball.
  2. Hard-working, studious people are smarter.
  3. People with blonde hair and blue eyes are stupider. (I'm blonde and really smart so I don't actually believe this, :P. This is probably the only one where an actual stereotype came to mind!)

  4. Lawn people do lawn work for you.

  5. Psychos are terrorists.
  6. Guys who do ballet and figure skating are really cool for defying gender stereotypes!




Bruh you're basically saying that @dancinglollipop is a terrorist and @comicvillestudios

You're also saying white people or any other races can't play basketball. You're also calling anyone other than an Asian stupid or not smart. Why do you say these types of things on a kids' forum?


uh here are my uh answers