"Stereotypes" - Something You Should Read


1.) Some people play basketball.
2.) Some people are smarter.
3.) People with lots of hair and 2 eyes can be stupi.der than others.
4.) Some people do lawn work for you.
5.) Bad people are terroris.ts.
6.) Guys who do ballet and figure skating are people.

In all seriousness though, awesome topic. I can't stand stereotypes, and although I know what would typically fill in those blanks, my mind doesn't jump to those conclusions just because of society.


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Maybe in your school, but definitely not in mine. And that's so untrue. I play many, many sports, and ballet is definitely the hardest. It's so much more technical than say, basketball, where you just lob a ball in the air.

Everything has to be absolutely perfect, and you have to be incredibly athletic. I also hip hop dance and next year I'll do that at one of the most famous dance centers in the world. Dancing is not lame, it's awesome, and in my opinion, way cooler than some boring sport.


That's a big generalization that's not true at all. Just because someone dances doesn't make them un-sporty.

I play state tournaments for tennis and have gotten first place in advanced levels 2 age groups up. I play soccer and I am a big basketball player. I also do karate (7 years of it) and tons other sports.

I'm also a dancer.


Boo sports are boring


Yeah ikr why would we do that when we can sit on our phones or iPads


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