"Stereotypes" - Something You Should Read

  1. Taller
  2. Experimenting
  3. Horizontal, Square
  4. Caring people can do anything for you
  5. Financial Institutions
  6. Athletic


I guess post can't be empty.


I'm going to have to be honest wiht you. I thought I was going to hate this topic.

I usually hate it when people do this sort of thing gbecause you cant change it and stuff) but this was a great topic.

You were very clear, and I feel you put a lot into the topic.

but, i dont know how this is related to Hopscotch. dont freak out on me though.


Alright, since I know that everyone is going to be like "Why is this flagged" and "i hate whoever flagged this :(" I'm just going to say:
I flagged this as "Off Topic".
Sure, its a great message, but what are you saying about Hopscotch? People might be stereotyping on Hopscotch, but you are just bringing attention to it. The best thing to do is to leave it alone. You cant change how humans think, and its useless to complain about it. I agree that we should not stereotype here. I think stereotyping is wrong. I just dont think this topic is really needed.


Yeah. I sometimes flag amazing topiks. And sometimes run out of flags and can't.


Yeah. I hate to do it, but sometimes I need to.


Why is this flagged :cry:




Thx a lot @MR.GAM3R and nice 2 meet u !


I respect the decision you made by flagging this, since I am pretty sure Snoopy isn't close to losing regular due to flags.


I completely agree this is something I stand up for and it is a dream of mine to hepl this problem. I wanted to post something like this myself but I was scared that it would get flagged. I see no reason people flagged this post. Here are my answeres:
1.) some people play basketball.
2.) people who applie to studying are smarter.
3.) No one is stupid
4.) gardeners people do lawn work for you.
5.) crazy people are terroris.ts.
6.) Guys who do ballet and figure skating are mostly good at it.


Can u guys all take a moment and think about how many off topic topics there are
Yet you flag mine
Seriously positivity topics, the drawing topics, general topics, help me topics, am I regular yet topics, I'm leavin.g topics (wait for one coming up soon​:clap:🏻), OC requests topics, drawing request topics, the list goes on and on
I'm just one of the many


Did you read @Sweater's post?


Well, it's your opinion and I'll respect that and am not trying to change it to my advantage. But here's my opinion.
It's not really complaining or ranting. I mean, sometimes a problem has to be addressed to be fixed. I know we can't make everyone stop being stereotypical, that's just not realistic, however, some people who are don't really know how bad it really is, and telling them may make them think twice. We can't force our opinions onto others or mould them into what we want, but sometimes, we should explain our own opinions so they can at least try to understand and hopefully think before making stereotypical comments. I know that's just society and people trying to fit in who are stereotyping, but we, as a whole are society, so together, if we're all a little more considerate, can make a change. All this may not be very relevant to Hopscotch directly, but HS and HSF are both communities, with societies, so I think this needs to be heard. For the HS community.

Having said all that, which, hopefully doesn't sound too much like I'm forcing my opinion onto you. It's fine that you flagged, there's nothing wrong, you think it should be flagged, you can flag it. That was just what I think, so we can understand each other's point of view.

That was too deep. Comes up for a breath and dives back down.


Thank you.
Thank you for helping me see the other side of the problem.


Well this is so true! On the first day of school (BTW imma girl) people think, oh she's gonna be like everyone else, she will like pink, blah blah blah. Then in the middle of the school year, they say, "Well she is just insane.." (and I say TYSM), because I'm a gothic cat obsessed weirdo artist nerd pink hater... (That is my official title for myself) and yep... so when you think nerd you probably think this----> :nerd:. But not for meee you would think that I was just a boring goth... BUT, I'm not, imma nerd!


Tbh the first answer I thought for all of them was "human"

Human people are smarter
Guys who do figure skating and ballet are human


yes...human are terrorists.
whoops forgot glasses.


oh my official title is "lesbian italian".


...idk how to react to that...