"Stereotypes" - Something You Should Read


It's okay, you can assume other people got similar answers to you, if not the same. :)


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I think if I answered that grid I'd start a flame war, so... pass.


You're not supposed to. :sweat_smile:


Not on purpose. Just by what I think would be enough


I thought of

Sporty people play basketball
Nerdy people are smarter
Hardworking people do the lawn work
I wasn't sure for some of the others.

Good topic though, @Snoopy!


I got some wearied answers for the gap fill because I didn't really know how to answer it
1. Sporty
2. Smarter
3. rainbows ? I dunno anyone can be stupi.d including me
4.poor (sry this is a bit mean)
6. Athletic


Maybe you could add in a few religious ones, like Atheists are nonbelievers. Which, as a fact is not true. I'm atheist but I have my own beliefs.


This needed to be said! Great job!
(Did anyone else say 'Nice people do lawn work for you') XD

  1. Respiring
  2. Hard-working
  3. ......
  4. Paid lawn workers
  5. Some sea snails (terroris)
  6. Graceful (presumably)


Great topic by the way.


Wait a second, am I suddenly regular?


Nope, this has been moved to #help

  1. Tall and/or athletic
  2. Diligent
  3. No one is over all stupi.d
  4. Hardworking (this one is a definite, for my dad has a landscaping business)
  5. People controlled by Satan
  6. Skilled

  1. sporty
  2. people that get good grades
  3. wat I dont think that
  4. My dad?
  5. isis
  6. gay? well no actually like stuff like Disney on ice so no


This explains everything I've never thought of words to say but have always been ranting about in the back of my mind.
I agree 100%!
You've also explained it so well.


Finally some made a topic!
Your right 101%

  1. People who like basketball?
  2. Smart
  3. People who chose to not educate themselves?
  4. My parents.
  5. People with the wrong idea who should stop
  6. Talented!


1- Athletic/Taller
2- Persistent
3- I don't think anyone is stupid, so yes.
4- Hardworking
5- Angry/Depressed people
6- More graceful?