"Stereotypes" - Something You Should Read


Okay, so just a warning: I'm going to get pretty straightforward here, no sugarcoating.
This is in Lounge because this is a deep topic.
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So if you're not someone who can handle this, and just heads straight towards flagging, I suggest you leave this topic before even reading the next paragraph.

Complete the following phrases with whatever comes to mind first. Be honest. Don't feel ashamed. Just do it.
1.) __________ people play basketball.
2.) ___________people are smarter.
3.) People with ____________ hair and ______ eyes are stupi.der than others.
4.) __________ people do lawn work for you.
5.) ________ are terroris.ts.
6.) Guys who do ballet and figure skating are ______.

Hmmm... was that easy to do?
Don't feel ashamed. Our society has been altered to fill in those blanks.
Even though you know it's wrong, you can't help but assume things.
But, actually, there's no real answers. Your brain is being guided to answer those.
But, why do stereotypes exist, if they aren't true?
You have to admit, tall people do play basketball.
Of course, it's easier for tall people to reach the hoop than short people.
And it's okay to assume that. I mean, it's pretty logical.
For instance, if Karen plays basketball and she's tall, you automatically assume she's good.
But once you start seeing the stereotype, not the person, that's when things are wrong.
If your friend Annie is only 4 foot 3, and she tries out for the basketball team, and doesn't make it because she's not very fast, some people end up saying, "Ha, short people like Annie stink at basketball! She's such a middgggeett!"

And, there are facts backing up some of these stereotypes.

https://www.quora.com/Why-do-African-Americans-favor-and-dominate-in-basketball-vs-other-sports (This website has bad words, just a disclaimer)

But even these 'studies' aren't really that reliable. Stereotypes generalize groups. There are probably a million, maybe even more, exceptions.
Not all tall people play basketball.
Not all Asians are smart.
In fact, blondes ARE NOT dum.b. There are studies, too.

Yet, you don't even know it, but a lot of stereotypes people aren't really against.
For instance, men are taller than women.

And, not many people are against this, because women generally want men taller than them, and men generally want women shorter than them.
Notice that I use the world generally. This is the thing with stereotypes.

So, stereotypes are tricky things. Here are a few polls for your opinions. :)
1. Do you agree with my statements above?

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  • With Parts of It.
  • No!


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Have I changed the way you thought of stereotypes?

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Thanks so much for reading!

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My goodness, you're right!


Trust me I read through the whole topic
I read like 200 words per min... i dont like it


When did this whole "blondes hair" thing start?!


I don't know, you should try searching it up!
If you find something interesting, give me the link and I'll put it in my post! :D


You don't like what?


Larry byrd?!
Omg yeah stereotypical


Reading so fast augh


Oh, I thought you meant my post. :joy:


I love your post!


TBH I had a diffucult time answering those questions. I don't get the hair eyes or basketball or smart or really any of them.


Do you live in America?




Weird. Most people can fill those blanks in.
There's not an actual answer, actually.
But a lot of people are guided to fill those in automatically.


My thoughts were
Talented people play basketball
Smart people are smarter
All people do lawn work
Guys who do ballet and figure skating are talented.

Was that what people usually think or is it different?


Those are your answers. Like I said, there are no answers.


This is a fantastic topic. Well said, @Snoopy, well said.


Well said @Snoopy!

Here´s a like :smile:


Great topic! I an blonde so I sometimes have to deal with false stereotypes :confused:
I don't wanna show my answers, because some are stereotypical, and some are not. I am trying my best not to be stereotypical...


It's amazing! I'm glad that somebody on hopscotch cares about this! I'm also surprised no one said anything about not being related to hopscotch.