Stepping up to kindness


We need to start owning up for the things we say and do. I was so happy to come up until someone told me we have been pulling another down and making people think other things about themselves. I know it's going to be hard to try to get people to come along with me and stop this now, but I need all the support I need. You may not think this but even the littlest things can help in a big way. So step up, step up to hate, step up to cool!You may think being kind is not cool but I have made more friends than you think with being kind to people. I just need people to realize how bad things can get with just saying simple mean things. Words hurt and so do people aging on people.Why waste your time to hate on people when you could be making people smile. So think about that next time you go up to someone and be mean. Please help if you want to make the forum and even the world a better place!




Great topic @CoffeeCake!
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