STEM Video Game Challenge


Hey Hops :slight_smile:

There is a national competition for school students in Australia and America to make a video game. In previous years the game has been about promoting a STEM-related concept (science, tech, engineering or maths) but last year for the one in Australia, the game could be about anything :open_mouth: The aim is to encourage more participation in STEM-related activities :smiley:


American site:

Australian site:

Quick bits of info:

(I recommend checking the sites first, these details may change)

Team size: by yourself or up to 4 people in a team
Age range: Two categories, (teams must have all participants in the same age group, but you don't have to be in the same school I believe)

  • Middle school (America) / Years 5-8 (Australia)

  • High school (America) / Years 9-12 (Australia)

When: judging is usually in August, so you can expect August 2017 (but they mention themselves it's never too early to start!)

What can I/we make our game with? (the exciting bit)

From American site (but I am fairly sure it applies to the Australian one too):

In general, any game that will play on a Windows or Macintosh computer, in a web browser or on an iOS or Android device is acceptable.

So any game that the judges can play for free will work.

Hopscotch has a web player so it makes this super easy now. So you should be able to enter Hopscotch projects! :scream:

We should check with them again but I don't see why it won't be possible, according to that.

But what if I'm not in Australia or America? :broken_heart:

No, don't feel left out! There's nothing stopping you creating an awesome video game about STEM too!

Now extra side note, I guess; I've been really interested in entering this for a few years now but haven't ;( Mainly because I don't think I could do much on my own (because in programming, one is the loneliest number). And because people always make even more awesome things together!

Well, to clarify, I've been trying to tell people about it (e.g. around school) but haven't been totally successful in basically finding someone who'd be excited about coding with me yet :broken_heart:. (I fall into the older of the two age categories, for the Australian competition.)

Then I wondered why I hadn't told all the lovely Hopscotchers about it yet :thinking:

Main thing is it would be awesome to let Hopscotchers know about it too, so here you go :slight_smile: I would love to hear if this sounds like something you're interested in.

Also if you think maybe this shouldn't be on the Hopscotch forum please let me know too. I figured now that Hopscotch has the new web player, it makes entering a lot simpler too. And Hopscotch is made for encouraging more kids to find out more about tech as well :wink: which is also awesome :heart:

Let me know what you think :smile:


Is there a prize?



Oh I thought it said "steam video game challenge" I got excited


I am not quite sure on the American one but I think for the Australian one your game gets featured at PAX and I believe you get to have your game officially distributed? I haven't checked for a while, and the site is still down it looks like

I think the fun is in making it too :smile:


@TheRealBlah @MelodiousParrot hello fellow Aussiesโ€” I'm kidding :stuck_out_tongue:

this of any interest? :slight_smile: (Feel free to tag/invite anyone else)


Does that mean your aussie as well?


Hehe yep :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:


Bit of negative critism, (I hope it'll sound positive to you)
But in my classrroom, the colour of the Australian Flag is a darker blue, then the one you made. (Or it just could be the web browser).


Thank you :slight_smile: yep it is darker ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ I've found some cool versions of the flag made by other Hopscotchers since.

Just thought I'd share the topic in case people might be interested :smile: Do you like hearing about interesting things that are going on related to STEM? (science tech eng maths)


Nah, not really. I dont really want to enter either.


@FoodDelivery is Aussie...but he left. @DA-BEASTY is too.


This sounds fun! Thanks for posting this, t1! I don't think I'd be able to make a game myself, though (like you mentioned, coding is more fun with other people involved, and you can make better programs). I don't know anyone at my school who is interested in coding :sweat_smile: :confused: A few of my friends know about Hopscotch, but none of them seem to find it fun. Most of them backed away when they discovered it was coding, because for some reason it isn't the coolest thing ever to learn to code at my school. :joy: I suppose people have different interests :)

I guess I could always try entering by myself, but I think it wouldn't be as awesome of an experience ยฏ\_(ใƒ„)_/ยฏ


I was in a team with @Rawrbear but we never finished our project


Ah, yeah. I was never proud of that game. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait what t1 is Aussie? :O

Yay someone knows about this :D I'm Australian so yeah I already knew about it (thanks teacher :D). It's a really cool comp in my opinion and hopscotch can definitely be entered.

Anyone interested in making a game in Game maker studio with me? Right now I'm working by my self :P Nobody I know likes programming but i think high school will change that :D (In the orientation i saw posters for programming clubs so yeah)

Oh BTW if you win you get your game featured at PAX, your game is published properly and you get a cool laptop AND 1000 dollars goes to ur school or Charity of ur choice.

(@GoatLord is Australian too I think)

(EDIT: @Rawrbear your bio says you code in gamemaker too :D Collab? [If it means that you are a game maker then... well... xD])

welp i just edited the post like 10 times xD


But srsly tho, I really want someone to work on a game with me in Gamemaker

plz? Nobody i know is intrested : |


Yeah im aussie


I have an update for this: it's now up for this year :smiley: The theme for the Australian one is Reaction!

I am going to check if you would be able to use Hopscotch.

Okay according to page 4 of the technical specifications, you would be able to make it in Hopscotch because it can be played on a browser! :smiley: