STEM (Creativity Challenges!)



That stinks then. Next time I’ll do something everyone can do.


I pulsating like to be notified.

I also cannot do it.


Oh… I don’t think many people will be able to do this… I will change it.

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New Challenge!

Everyone should be able to do this, as long as they can type!


  • Create a commercial with something made up from 3 letters.
  • Ask me if you would like to participate, and I will give you letters


  • It must be less than 200 words. It seems like a lot, but it’s not.
  • The commercial must be about the product you made up with three letters.
  • The three letters must be made into an acronym


Letters: STR
Product: Smelly Tree Reservoir
Announcer Person: Do you want a smelly tree in your backyard? We have just the thing for you! We offer many different smells. Including: The Doggy Doodoo Redwood, The Porta-Potty Oak, and the Dumpster Dare Cedar! These smells can be used to ward of unwelcome intruders! We also have a variety of good smelling trees, including: Baked Goods Pine, Air Freshener Alder, and The World Famous Chocolate Cotalpa! Get your smelly tree today! voice speeds up Call or click for your free sample today. Restrictions apply. Not available with the use of coupons! voice slows down Remember, we don’t make sense. We make smelly trees!


I’ll participate!


Ooh this sounds fun! I’ll try to participate


I’ll Dewitt.


I’ll try this…


It’s reserve, not whatever you siad


No, I changed it cause the original was weird, and this is a commercial, so you sell stuff.


Product: TV Cleaner
Have you ever gotten a dusty TV? Or black marks on it? Have you had the same one for 10 years? Well, the TV Cleaner is just for you! It is a little circle and suc.ks all nasty rubbish of your TV! Get yours now for only £30/$35!


@HopedHoper, your from the United Kingdom and use £? That’s cool. American here. $.


Could I have my acronym?


No… Never heard of Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math… I don’t even understand reading and writing! That is why, I want to help make the challenges. As you can tell from this post, I would be a perfect contestant! I think I’m dumb enough…

In fact, I am so dumb that I don’t even know that A squared plus B squared equals C squared!

So yeah, challenge 1:

Make something furry out of nails and a toothbrush! No tape allowed

(Hint: Stick the nails in the toothbrush, this will make the toothbrush look furry0

Hope this was uncreative enough…

Sorry, couldn’t help it! I had to make a joke so bad… I mean, isn’t this challenge about creativity? And this was so perfect! If was able to use the quote. I will delete tomorrow.


OOH!!! Couldn’t help but do this!!!


Product selling: You

YOU is a revolutionary product. It is designed to be self learning. That means it learns from it’s surroundings. Also, you think it’s big for nothing? This thing has big brains that can process over five trillion decisions in one second! That is faster the your TVC can clean your TV! @HopedHoper Um, I hope you are okay with me using part of your ad… And best yet, you have to take care of YOU. Get YOU today (Unless YOU already have one…) We need help bring you to life! Give a simple gift of a brain on kickstarter today so that we can bring you to life!


you know why youre learning about stem?


government pays teachers more if they include that into curriculum



@Autumn_Leaves if you want, you can use one of these
You can also use your own. Other hopscotchers have done that, and even though that’s not in the rules, I’m fine with that, but it was designed to be hard because you have to create something random from something you didn’t chose.


Ok I’ll do it!

(Internet Made Crafts)
Do you love the internet? Do you love making things? Than you should get the IMC!


I can’t help but do another one! This is so much fun!

stands for: Big Obedient Baby (Sorry for anyone out there named Bob. Don’t worry, I am not talking about you!

Announcer: Meet BOB. BOB is smart, each BOB knows exactly what to do. Just like YOU, he learns from his environment. BOB comes unable to talk, but boy does he learn! He will soon learn to say stuff like, “No!!!” and “MINE!!!” and all of those other words that I just don’t feel like mentioning on this baby friendly commercial. Life with BOB is always an adventure because BOB chews on whatever he finds. So drop your iPhone and get him out of the toilet now! This adventure thing means he is perfect for lazy people who don’t like to leave their phones, BOB will teach them to notice the world around them.

Lazy person: “Ooh! I never knew there was such thing as reality!”

Announcer: Get BOB today!


@RavenclawGirl Oh, wait, I didn’t see that you had to give me the letters. Please give me three letters.