STEM (Creativity Challenges!)




I’m sure lots of you know what STEM is, right?
But what it really is is just crazy challenges that test your creativity! And hopscotch is all about creativity, right? I’ll be posting weekly challenges that use materials that you probably have around your house! Then you can film a video which successfully accomplished that task. There is really no reward, but it’s very fun! If you think this is a good idea, please comment. If no one will do the challenges, I will recycle the topic. @OMTL

Best of luck


This is interesting! I’ll do them if I can.


First Challenge

Build a bridge out of 10 paper clips, index cards, and 2 inches of tape
Post a video or picture of the bridge.

It must have a part above the ground that is 6 inches long at least.
You must use only those materials

Remember, you can ask me questions if you don’t understand the challenge!


noone will do this. i don’t have paper clips or index cards.


That’s okay. I’m sure other people will be happy to do this.


I follow STEAM…not STEM


Then decorate your index cards.


Yah, I hadn’t thought of that @HopscotchRemixer. Next challenge I’ll do something more STEAK. Oh. Sorry. STEAM


Every time I think of STEM, I think of Student Torture Each Minute (If it’s STEAM, Student Torture Each Agonizing Minute). First time I ever heard of STEM was a special class with only about eight people in it, and the teacher asked what it standed for, and one person just said Student Torture Each Minute. XD


Oh. @Catface4 sorry your STEM experience has been bad.





It was actually wonderful, and I loved creating those projects, I still have a few, but I just think of that inside joke whenever I hear STEM. XD


Mmmmm. STEAK. Delicious!
(Also, im in)


Who is?
It’s a snak!

People I tagged because they liked the topic


So, does anyone have the materials for this challenge? Please notify me! If no one can actually do the challenge, I will change it. Also, if you would like to be notified when I post a challenge, please tell me!


I can do it.


soooo we just create somtging?

And yes i can do it, but i cant post till next weekend, but ill get it in asap


Kind of. Here’s the link to the challenge I posted.


i cant… unless i steal paper clips from school lol