SteelLionStudios (4 spots left!)


I am making a new Club that is recruiting, we will make the best games on hopscotch.

Positive attitude
Commitment (on 2-3 times a week)
Forumer (actively on the forum)

Also, write me 2 or more sentences of why you should be in
SteelLion Studios

Current ranks

Leader: CurvedGuitar
Co-leader: (none)
Manager (Stampys_fans)
Artists (none)
Music Director (none)
Coders (dragondog, RobotPro, JonnyGamer)
Beta testers (none)

We are going to need 10-20 members!!!
So apply now!

Will YOU make the cut?


I can be a beta tester or an artist! On my hopscotch profile I do a lot of art. I also just like testing things!


Can I be co-leader because I'm descent at coding in hopscotch. And also 1 of my projects have been in Rising and got over 400 likes!!!


First I'd like to wish all the other nominees good luck.I honesty believe that I will make cut, because I am of the forum 3+ hours every day (I have spare time and wifi) and I am nice I think. If you want me I will also be in THE ORDER OF THE STONE, one of my most successful account's ever!!!!!!! Originally I was Stampy's fans though forgot password, about time to start fresh, in summery I believe I should be co-leader and take back what's rightfully ours, (yelling)

WHO'S WITH ME????????

  • yes
  • no


(the reason I was late was because I was doing chores,I'm helpful too...)


I also go on hopscotch forums a lot so I don't think I will be behind on what is happening and also depends on what we are making I could give a lot of ideas to


I also am always near the top of lots of the statistics in the users section... And I have lots of ideas


@Stampys_fans mabye we both can be co-leader


We should!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, awesome ide@ @DragonDog


Ok then :slightly_smiling: now we just wait and hope he chooses both of us



Loved your keyboard, @DragonDog


@Curved_Guitar, what is your timezone???????


I think I should be in the club because I am reasonably good at coding and I have lots of free time. I am already a beta tester on Hopscotch and 1 of my projects have been already in featured :smile: I also have relatives that can code and they can help me for these projects. I am a fast typer and a gifted child :stuck_out_tongue: And of course. It would be lots of fun to be working with you guys :smiley:


Are you gonna email us the password?????????????


Password for what? No I wouldn't tell you my beta password!


I meant password to our collaboration :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, @RobotPro


I don't have an email.


How SHOULD we tell you the password to the COLLABORATION, then????????????,via forums hackers..


Give me your guys email and I'll give you the account info


I trustyou..., tell me when you see this @Curved_Guitar


Cool I'll email you now, sorry I couldn't respond last night...


Hey everyone we still need new members!!!