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I will discuss anything you'd like, if you need help with code on basically anything.
Please provide screenshots.

Only questions and feedback, please

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Why do you like HS?


Hoi! Would you like to do a collab with me? :3


Once, I played about three years ago, but then I stopped because I really didn't know what to do. Now im back and I can't clearly remember my username from before.


You make a game, art, background, whatever you want! It helps to do it with another person. It speeds up the progress. :D


We could either create an account together, or trade drafts. (that's when one person posts what they made so far, and the other person builds on that, and SO ON. :D)


We could ask @SmilingSnowflakes, or @PopTart0219 to make us a private message to share the pass.


Unless you want to share drafts. But an account is easier because only we will know what we're making, and not anyone else.


Confusing.... how about I post the pass to the account on HS, and then unpublish quickly. I'll remix one of your projects so it'll appear in your activity. You can still press and play the project though.


It's Friday :smiley: Yahhhh!


When your desktop is too bland:
You code it, like Hopscotch, except you use a manual and a few hours of a day on Notepad ++ :3

Pictures :O

May be OT. Probably is.


why u details thing no work? :frowning:

To anyone who think a list of peeps is nice to look at.


Hey, I've noticed some of you guys have somewhat... squished gif profile pictures. I can crop them, if you'd like. (Sorry if you don't have a gif or isn't squished. Idk who has or not.)


Mine is less squished than @xXBARNSLEYFCXx's cucumbers.


It's still squished anyways...

Basically, this is what I do.


Becomes this.

The project I'm using isn't normally this glitchy. Just my PC and Hopscotch not meant for it.


So you enlarge them?

Lemme try



i make it into a square :confused:



No .My cucus aren't squishy