Stealing Projects


Hi Artay Inc. Here And Users Are Stealing Project Such As Me... I've just got a Project Stolen
This is the user that stole it and the project: Owls101 And the project:
Please Help And Hopscotch Please Fix This And Warn Those People Thank You :wink: - Artay Inc.
They didn't remix they made a new project and Copied All The code....


Hi @Artay_Inc! Welcome to the forum!
Rehopping/remixing is common, a lot of people do it. It can be annoying, but it also means someone else likes your work! :D When it happens to you, just ignore it, making a topic about it draws attention. Remember, people will know it was originally your project, that's what the gray button in the corner is for!


Well.... S/he probably thought it was cool and copied it.... Should have given credit though! Can I use the background code for this project?


Sure :smiley: Aslong As There's Credit Involved :stuck_out_tongue:


Someone messed up a drawing pad I have once.

Also some random person claimed credit for my friend bendyfox's project 'OC Index' and messed up her character's picture.



Why would there not?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue: OK, GBOT


■■■■■ Dunt It... Super Annoying...


If had about 5 people stealing my draw pad... I m just liak





S_/|=Ks Doesn't It - _/ And |= = Uc


Lol Panda Is Angry Is What I Would Think Then..... lol


That is not a very good word to use on the forum, there are little kids here.


Yeah... I had lots of copies of some of my projects with no credit! Even some people I know did it :\ just accept that they liked it so they wanted to say it was theirs.


I was just saying That it's annoying to him...
Lol cool texting you tho :stuck_out_tongue:


What is "cool texing you though" mean?


You replying to my forum question :3




You don't care


Well Then This Is.. Uhh.. Awkward


If you are saying what I think, then thanks a lot :D


-comes in crashing threw the wall-
Stealing projects is---
I see their is no need for a speech!
-jumps out of a new hole in wall-


Lol.. Well Uhh What?