Stealing Code From Me?


So, I've made a pretty popular rainbow mirror project. However, I'm seeing many people make the literal same exact project with the same exact code in it. Here's one I found a minute ago:

The "Anyone Online?" is the project I'm talking about.

The code is 100% the same. Are people stealing my code, or is it a well known concept? I doubt that the numbers and code would be the exact same though...

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It happens to me too! I know how you feel, it's very annoying, ok this is weird but I like the project so they know I've seen their copy! But that may not be the best option :wink:


It's a pretty used concept, but I would ask them to give credit if you feel like


Wait. You are talking about the one that says "Anyone online?"


I agree. I have seen a lot like that code. Maybe you should ask them if it was inspired by you or something :wink:


What I meant is the numbers.

In the color spot, it's divided by 55.

In the width, it's divided by 22.

Is that normally used? I don't know! :thinking:


Yes, that's the one! :smile:


They should've added a credit

I see that Gilbert is the illuminati project too :3


I normally divide by 55. I think if the code was EXACTLY the same as yours, it was probably copied. But don't feel bad! It's a compliment that your code is so good that people use it. But people can compliment your code while giving credit.


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Okay, I just saw that theirs wasn't the exact same, but it did use the same code. I'm not complaining about this, I'm wondering if this exact code is normally used.


Is everything in the exact same placement?


I would leave it be. Edit @Gilbert189


Not in this one, but I have seen 3 others with the literal exact same detail, down to the placement.



Okay, that's weird... maybe an announcement that says "Hi. Please don't use my work without credit. Thanks, Gilberto :D"


I personally wouldn't care about this kind of stuff. Take it as a compliment. It doesn't really help the anger, but it helps to know that someone liked it so much that they copied it.


Nope, I'm not angry, I just wanted to know if I was using code that had always been used!


Just to make sure, is it ok that I am using some of your code to meal my pixel pad? I will give credit, and I am editing the code a lot. :wink:


Ok. I suppose that it is popular, as I would make the exact same code without looking inside the project fairly easily.


Totally! I'm fine with it as long as I get recognition for it! :smile: