Staying safe in hopscotch and forum



Everyone goes over this all the time, but studies show that a review can help while being a teen or growing into a teen. Okay let's get this thing done.
Notice the hopscotch community is with multiple ages and people all over. These people you may not know they may claim to be 12, but could be 20. The main reason is to keep your location safe from it here people with that info they know where you live and they might do creepy stuff. Even sharing names is unsafe since they might look you up. Second profile pictures they show you why! People can look what you look like and stuff not safe. That's basically all for me we were just letting people know it might be helpful to people who may not have noticed that they were doing it.
-stay safe Clody (@LinemStudio)


Nice topic but you prob know that their are like 9999 of these topics.
Reviving one can help not clog the forum


Wow! Good info! 12 or 20 is what people need to understand. Or even 9 to 30!