Staying or leaving?


Good thing to help me:
Won't be as suicidal

Do things better in live
Get more friends

Bad things:
Miss my only 3 friends.. @Cash @benny29 @Paige1212
That's pretty much all ;-; (;

  • Leave no one wants you here
  • No stay we all love u!



Please don't leave me emojiarts :sob::sob:


Please don't leave T^T I'm really sorry if what I said on the other topic sounded rude ;-;


Please dont leave!!!


Please don't leave! We would all miss you so much!


I would miss you sooo much!!!!!!
Plzz consid r staying!!!!


Please don't leave! Like Bella said, I'm really sorry if I got you upset; I tend to do that all the time without knowing.


Don't leave, please.
If you leave, your role in the Forum can be replaced.
But you, the person, is not replaceable.

Stay for the sake of all your friends you make on this Forum.



@cash I need help :frowning: please!


I thought we were good friends though!


Ya i.e. guess we seesw


Sorry I feel like I'm dying from gas pains


DOryr I was gone for so long there was musically drama

#15 your username EMOJIARTS :jack_o_lantern: ?


NOOOOOOOOOO don't leave!


Pls don't leave. This is like, the only way to talk to you during school


Pls no leave pleaaaaaasse don't don't don't
Why do I sound like a 3 year old?


Stay! I can't believe that 12%...