Staying on Topic


I have seen some projects made about a hopscotch related topic and people start getting off topic, before doing this just think

T = is it true?

H=is is helpful?

I=is it inspiring?

N=is it nessecary?

K= is it kind?

It is okay if you have done this before we need reminders some of the time, and use the think method next time

If you see anyone doing this you can always remind them to stop

Learn, Try, Repeat



Ive seen that at my school


Nice! I feel like this should be Pinned (if it was a project, I would have said Featured, but for here, pinned)!


They barely pin anything


I know :frowning: .


@Kiwicute2015 what do you have to do to become a regular ( i know a bit off topic)


In the last 50 days you had to be on for
25% of the days
Read 25% of all topics and posts
Given 10 likes
Received 5 likes
And received less than five flags.


So ironic, the irony


For the regular thing:

It's five SPAM or OFFENSIVE flags. Off-topic flags, flags that were denied, etc. don't count towards being a regular.

Everyone forgets that!


Uh, did anybody notice how the Makayla topic just vanished?!?


It was deleted by THT


Good! :stuck_out_tongue: thanks

I think I have been on the forum 100% out of the days I've been here


Oh okay ....


Love the post on here


Brb in going to write a long topic


Ok, we don't want to get off topic about a topic about staying on topic, do we?


seen this at my school!


I have also seen that at school, and thought it was related to staying on topic in the hopscotch forums


I know so weird! 202202