Stay...or...leave (S.O.S_Art


I'm contemplating leaving.....I know so many people look up to me and love my art! It's just a really hard time for me right now! I'm thinking about's not official! It definitely won't be today or anything!!! Maybe soon though...right now I'm struggling through life and people making fun of me and stuff isn't really helping. I'll make my decision soon!!! And if you wanna post something for me to read, go ahead! Just add 'S.O.S Art' in the title so I can find it! Thanks for all the support guys!!! You are all so sweet, and great friends!:blush::blush::blush:


Should @S.O.S_Art stay?

  • Stay
  • Leave
  • Idk


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I really want you to stay :

Pls don't let other mean people and life bring you down!!!!


You should stay!

Those people hating on you are just jealous of your awesome talent. :)


Don't go. Haters gonna hate.... You should be proud that you have haters!


Remember that people trying (and hopefully failing) to bring you down are just below you. Their "hate" is not worth your time :wink:


Don't leave! ;-; ;-; ;-;


The community can help you through your hard times.

We want you to stay.

A break is probably what you need! :3


You should stay if you want to! :D


I chose "Idk" because it' up to @S.O.S_Art but honestly I think if some people are sending hate, report it or tell someone about it.


Don't let those haters get you down!


@S.O.S_Art- I know it's your choice but-

I don't think anybody wants you to leave.


I don't really know SOS (I haven't been on hopscotch for about 2 months) but it's her decision wether or not to leave. But I don't think, if you decide to leave, that you should leave forever, just take a break until you are ready! On the forum you can also make new friends, who can help you out! This isn't a normal forum with a million haters? More like a million helpers!

I dunno why I replied to you EP125


Me too


Um, EXSQUEEEEEZE ME?! You. Are @S.O.S_Art. Not a lowly coward who would leave. I've seen you stand up for your self. I've seen wonderful friends of yours who fought for you. Surely, you would keep fighting? Hackers are to be reported and to be shamed. The hacker who posted 'I'm leavin.g' on your account made everyone DEVASTATED. Now, that it might be for real, people would be suprised and sad. I would be as well. I will not let you leave.


Although it's your choice lol