Stay Happy, Even If You're Sad! 😄


Okay, you're upset that with new features, you have to pay.
But guys, be realistic here. THT needs money!
MONEYMONEYMONEYMONEY! :stuck_out_tongue:
We all need money right from when your born, to when you die.
And after you die, for your funeral.. well ok, let's move on! :3

If you feel like crying, please don't cry!

If you feel like screaming angry words, don't! Hold on!

Join me and the rest of my potato frens with the un-paid version of hopscotch! Let's not talk dirty about the wonderful team that we have. :slight_smile:


argh argh argh argh update argh
There hopefully I feel better


THT should accept donations instead! I'll donate $50 if they won't have subscriptions.


I have no money but I'll donate $50 too!


How do you donate if you don't have money? xD


Ok. Though I will still use this because it's legit what I do when I'm angry


I take it outta my bank account shhhhh don't tell


seems I'm one of those potatoes Senpai


I can't pay. My parents won't let me me and I'm definitely not paying. There.


It's okay! The current version of hopscotch is cool, too!


Guys! This topic is for positive comments. That means no "they need to do this" and whining like that. Come on, @Snoopy's being helpful.


Here's a like! :heart:


gices Gary ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


I totally agree! Here's a like!


Yes. The hopscotch team has worked so hard to do this incredible thing! We already so much stuff for free!