Status Updates For Offline Hopscotchers


Ok friends and aqquaintances. Since spring break is happening for a lot of us right now, some of us won't have Internet for a while. I made a previous topic saying that I'll be off for a while, but it got me thinking. You know, summer's coming up. Some people use school iPads. Wouldn't it be helpful to have a place to say, "Yeah, I won't be on"? And so, this topic was born. Just say for about how long you'll be off, and then go have fun in the outernet!


I changed it to "Hopscotchers", "Humans" could have caused flagging, like people could think it isn't Hopscotch-related.
And "outernet" is probably a typo, right?


Cool. I was looking for something to fill the space, and I always call people humans, so poof. Le title was born.


Anyway, I'm definitely going to be off for most of today. I've been working really hard on a sorting project, and I was working on it without WiFi, but then one of my characters disappeared, so I'm not going back on until my WiFi returns


I am gonna be mostly off in the next two weeks...


My spring break is in April :(


I have spring break on Friday! :\


Have fun m8! Hope you have better WiFi than I do!


I'm on Spring Break right now! the only times I have wifi is when I'm at the villa, which is early morning and late at night.


Not going to be on start of from now to end of april!!!


but dont worry i will make project i just will not have wifi to publish!


I'm going to Missouri tomorrow, instead of New York, still gonna take pics :D


Tomorrow, I'm gonna (probably) stay after school a bit later, until about 5:00 EST because of this thing they're doing, so yeah, just lettin' peeps know.


Great topic but er can you um, well change it to just friends not friends and enemy's? Er thanks!


What if you get to keep oyour Ipads for vacation and get to keep them forever and ever and they were free?


Free Ipads for Dayz.

Besides that, I really like your topic! :heart::heart::heart::heart:


That's off topic.


I will be off for spring break, but for summer once and awhile I'll be off


Oh, I might not be on as much as I can. My IPad's charger is having some difficulties, so....I really dunno if it needs to be repaired or what. We'll see how it goes, but I have to go for a bit so my IPad charges.


@Anonymous, when will you have spring break?