Status On Hopscotch


Why Is It That If We Have A Status Thing Here On The Forum, Why Can't We Have It On Hopscotch As Well? It Would Be A Lot Easier To See How Many Followers We Have, How Many Likes We Have, How Many Likes We Give Or How Many People We Follow. But The Good Thing About Hopscotch Is You Can Give Unlimited Likes And Make As Many Projects As You Want In The Same Day. I Really Want The Status On Hopscotch! Please Hopscotch Team, Consider This!


I support!


Yeah I like that idea!! Let me tag THT. @Liza @Rodrigo @Montoya. There. Hopefully they see it!!

  • There Should Be A Status In Hopscotch
  • There Shouldn't Be A Status In Hopscotch


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Some people might get discouraged if they have a lower trust level. Cool idea though! :)


i've been thinking the same exact thing


So by status you mean trust level?


Yeah! And Like How Many Likes You Have And How Many People Liked Your Stuff Altogether.


There's something wrong with the capitalisations.