Stationery and School Supplies topic! Topic ONE!



xX Offical Topic for Stationery Xx

This is the topic for all your stationery needs!
Recommend pens, pencils, rubbers and other cool stationery stuff.
Please don’t change the tabs, category or title.
This is so you can post and recommend pens or pencils so the drawing topic is not cluttered by people asking what pens/pencils they are using, and can instead go here!
Take care of your stationery!

Drawing On Paper Compared to an IPad (Shading, shaping, etc) Topic 16 [OFFICIAL]

Interesting topic. This will be very useful topic!


Watercolour: Derwent
Charcoal pencils: 50 pencil artist set
Metallic: 50 pencil artist set
Paper: reflex or watercolour


rip off topic of the drawing topic lol


but seriously why don’t u just use the dt? these have practically the same idea


Yeah, um, you could just use the drawing topic for this…

Not sure how this relates to Hopscotch.


I found two problems with this topic:

  1. It doesn’t relate to Hopscotch
  2. Who made this topic official?


I didn’t know you had to ask someone to make a topic official…


THT makes topics official.


You do know that stationery isn’t mainly pens and pencils, it is referring to writing paper, and envelopes.
Maybe change it to school supplies topic? I know some stationery is pens and pencils, but it might be a little confusing


And that makes this related to Hopscotch how, exactly?


I’m sorry that you guys don’t like my topic.
I really wanted to make a topic where I could post some of my cool stationery that I have, and I thought others might like.
I also thought that if I posted it on the art topic I might get flagged too.
I have changed the topic’s name to Stationery and School Supplies topic! Topic ONE! And took of the official, but @Petrichor changed it to [OFFICAL]. But I still like the idea of this topic, and I’m sorry if you disagree.


I am in love with Muji stationary


I use Ticonderoga pencils and staedtler white erasers
I like using these kitty pens on amazon. they have very good ink


Good mechanical pencils for drawing, because nobody keeps track of where the sharpener is, and if the eraser is missing or gone, trash it


i use these rubbers a lot,

But I use cheaper brands, like:

but in store its $2.80.
You should look into getting one.
They are good but i recommend getting a darker colour, as you cant see the lead in it.


I recommend smiggle colour change scented pencils! It takes coloring to a whole new level!

I will try to find the price later, and the ones I have are kiwi, marshmallow, a breeze one, and so much more!


Yeah, this should be in the drawing topic. But I appreciate your trying to make it a little more organized! ; )
And @iReesesCup, you’re right. Nobody keeps track of where the sharpener is! I recently found one we had lost half a year ago in my dance bag!:joy:


Why don’t you just say on the drawing topic or your general topic, if you have a G.T., something like, “I use Arteza Brush Pens for some of my drawings?”
( I literally use those brush pens. They’re awesome. Like calligraphy pens. :yum:)
Also, Prismacolor pencils are great quality pencils! They’re kinda expensive ($80 for 132 pencils) but they’re worth it!
Dixon Ticonderoga pencils are great too!


I didn’t put it in my G.T because
1 No one looks at it and
2 because I would rather see what everyone uses!

I like being organised, and also I would probably get flagged on the drawing topic if I posted some of the stuff in this topic in it.