Stat Requests For Hopscotch!



If you give me how many times you've been Featured, Trending, and/or Rising, I'll do the rest and publish it for you!


Hm...I've been on trending twice and thats it :sweat_smile:


How many times have I been on Trending?


I haven't been on it :frowning:


None, none, and none


1 feature, like 10 trendings and 1 rising


Featured: 1
Tending: 5-8?
Rising: 0


Featured: 3
Rising: 2


2 featured
2-3 trending


One Trending
Best project is above


0 featured
0 rising
3 trending, thats it.


Everyone here so far gets one! That is:
I'll get those out ASAP!


thx!! @Eco-FriendlyCookies!!


Rising 4 times
Featured either 4 or 5 times
Trending I can't count :joy:


Trending 3
Featured 1
Rising 1


I'm on Spring Break, so they likely won't be out tomorrow. Just watch Eco-Friendly Cookies on Hopscotch. Also, @LotsaPizza and @Curved_Guitar, I can squeeze you two in Group One!:wink: