Starting emoji group put your username if you want to join


starting :nerd: group every single person can join


What does it do?


It basically likes everyone's posts
and gets fifty likes on there hopscotch account from me but you have to put your hopscotch acount user name if you want to join


I'll join!


ok your in the club but everyone has to follow everyone in the group


I will join plz if I can?


You can but you have to tell me your username if you want to join


My username is AwesomeBlossom​:blush:,


Welcome to the forum! I'd be glad to join! My username is
VanillaBlossom :cherry_blossom:


Anyways I want to join. But do I have to follow everyone?


Why? PS,mi don't want to follow EVERYBODY in this group.


Because it is personal and brainy says fine you don't have to follow everyone and she has reached her maximum level


Get on docs.... Anyways, what do u mean she reached her maximum level?


Of replying because she started today and I'll go tell @VanillaBlossom too. Or she will just read this but whateva


I'll join! What will we do?


Can i join? My hopscotch username is GoobrGrlRye.


Yes you can join my club


we show each other our projects and like and follow each person in the group


Can I join? My username is SenseiCoder​:heart_eyes_cat:!
P.S. Love the profile pic!


You can and thank you I don't get that often