Starting a hotel business!


@StarryDream are you on?


Yep! You need a cocktail?:cocktail:


Not now, but thanks. I saw that you were on


I'm going to work on the main hotel account and make an account for the workers


@StarryDream, if you go into the main account, I've made you a bar! You can change anything you want! You can serve cocktails!


Need account name & password :expressionless:


User: main user for hotel
Pass: mainuser


In mai bar:


BTW I think I'll just serve cocktails on dis topic, K?:wink:


Sure! That's also if you want!


Need a drink? Kiwifruit Cooler is here!:wink:



Ohhhhh, I like what my eyes see


@Silverdolphin, your stay ends tomorrow


Ok ! Sorry I have not been on my room ! You can give it away now !


If anyone wants to go to the restaurant and spa and other stuff, here is the user and pass:
User: main user for hotel
Pass: mainuser


Really? I'm on a different iPad but you can stay if you want, that was just a reminder


It is ok ! You can give it away to someone ! I do not need it , I thought I would !


Could l book a room?

This sounds like a great idea!



How long are you staying? 1 day is the minimum and 1 week is the maximum.

What are your 2 favorite colors?

What avatar do you want besides the old ones?


Sure! I see @Kitkat26 is doing it for you!