Starting a hotel business!


@Explorer_ are you on


I promise I will give you the password, but I'm on a different iPad and I can't get the other one. The other one has your password


@Redo122 are you on? You have to check in your room, or if you changed your mind about the room, I will give it to someone else.


Ok thank you @Explorer_


No problaimo @The_Coder!


@Kitkat26, @KoolM123, @Ella_13, @KawaiiRose, @Sweetlina, @StarryDream and @Hermione

Should I edit the first post but add a suit on SUPER special occasions?


That's an excellent idea!


Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!


I added it! Check it out!


The next time I will let deluxe and suits will be
September 14 because of @Explorer_ day. Thank you @Murphy1 for creating @Explorer_ day!


Oh thanks!!! It looks delicious!!



You're welcolm!



Umm, how did you do that envelope thingy?

@StarryDream, @The_Coder


@The_Coder, your room is ready! Are you ready for the info?


I dunno

Is "dam.n" OK?(Share Your Opinion)[OLD]

Let me try
Does this work?




I said stop tagging me!! REMMEBER I HAVE CAMP!!!!!


Sorry! I just had to!


I legit got 23 notifications today!