Starting a hotel business!


credit to @Huggingfluffybear for the idea

I'm making a hotel! You can book your own room for how long you want, relax at the spa, or do anything!

If you are the first person to book a room, you will get a special deluxe room!

a deluxe room will have
• A lounge
• Room service leaves small gifts
• VIP access to the spa
• A small restaurant

On SUPER special occasions, you can ask for a suit
a suit will have
• VIP part in the spa
• A mini restaurant
• A Lounge
• Room service leaves bigger gifts
• A patio with a great view
• A vending machine that is IN your room

We also might have deluxe rooms on special occasions.
Do you want to work here? feel free to ask!

This is not a copy of the hopscotch hotel and I did ask permission form the owner of the hopscotch hotel

Also you can not publish anything without our permission

Waiting list:

@AmiiboTrash with @Fluffymarshmellow

Waiting to check in list:

The hopscotch hotel!(STOPPED)
Let's start a business! (Under construction)
Starting a hotel business on HS! (Take 2)

Can I work here please


Ok! Your in! I'll just update the post


Can I book a room plz?




You get deluxe room!

It will take us some time but I will notify you when it's ready!




Can I work here?


If no can I have a deluxe room plz?


Yes! I'll add you!


Sorry but anyways your working here



omg now I'm in 2 businesses!


Me too!


So no?


No sorry, but you work here


Ok, what do I do as a worker?




Well, you help make the room, and all of the workers will do room service


Ok, Fine with me!


May I please work here?