Starting a hotel business on HS! (Take 2)


Yes! You can! I just didn't have time to reply


Expo, I am on the HSF right now can you tell me the PW???


Ok are you on now @laser_eyed_puppy?


Now I am on!!!!! Sry I am late


It's ok, I'm also late right now


I'm here!!


Can I start to design the deluxe rooms for KawaiiRose and background_inc??


Do I how've to make a new account for it??? With the sane PW as the main ac? If so what should I call it??


Yes, but you will need to create separate accounts and plz use the list on what to put in above. Thanks!


What should I call the acs?? Maybe deluxe room 1,2,etc. (THH)


Maybe do for example:
Laser_eyed_puppy's deluxe room
If it's not deluxe then:
Laser_eyed_puppy's room

Except put their username


Okey!!! (I would have done their usernames anyway​:wink:)


Ok! Thank you so much! If I will have time I will do the other room
I gtg bye!


@Explorer_, I am on right now, but you could also set up a pm with t1 to exchange the password. I will edit this post if I get off hopscotch. :wink:
edit: I have to go now, hopefully this will work out soon :slight_smile:


Wait, what do you mean by a PM?


A private message (although they are not allowed on the forum, t1 can set one up for relaying passwords)


Can I have a suite if no one has one now ??.


Yes! gives u a room key


Yay ! Thanks Lisie !


Wait, you have one already coded right? Because your on the waiting to check in list. Anyways, have fun in your room!