Starting a hotel business on HS! (Take 2)


Ok! That's fine with me!


So when a person comes to this topic I give them a room key? :3




Ok! I'll be here everyday


How does this work?:P


We make you an account for your room


Can I work at the front desk with @Lisa1045??


Sure! I'll add you to the list


I can design rooms, of that works for the buisiness.


Yes you can do that


at da front desk >:3


Oh, I have one other question... er, two.
1. Can I have the the password for the main account please?
2. Do I start designing rooms immediately, or do I have guests fill out a form, or do I publish the room through the guest's account?
Thank you :wink:

  1. Yes but I'll have to wait when we are on HF at the same time
  2. In the waiting list you will see the people that need rooms, and you will have to make an account for each person


Okay. I will title the rooms "room one", "suite one", etc. I will also try to set up a pm so that we can relay the password safely. (@t1_hopscotch, do you think that you can do that when we need? Thank you!)
Thank you, too!


Why not a cruise line? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oooh, good idea! I like that :wink:


Im working on a cruise line tycoon rn


Hi WynterDiamond, sure I can set up a closed PM when you need – just let me know :smile:


@Explorer_ Actually would it be okey if I designed the rooms instead of working at the desk?


Can I???? @Explorer_